Wednesday, August 17, 2016

NYC: The Best & The Worst

Happy Wednesday!
I am finally writing about something besides running! :)
This is a super long post btw! 

On Saturday, G and I went to NYC!
We haven't been in 3 years and were excited to head down to the big apple :)
The awesome thing is that two of our friends moved down there last month and we were able to spend some time with them, yay!

We took the train from the capital, Albany.
Last time we went to the city, we drove 2 hours to catch the train.
Well we learned really quick that was not ideal.
When we got back to our car, we were so beat but we still had to drive 2 hours home!
This time we took the train that was super close to our house!
We were so excited that we were going to get to NYC in 2 hours and 35 minutes!

On the train!
We realized when we were on the train, that the last time we had rode the train was in Paris to go see Louis XIV's house :)

We arrived in NYC and we came out of of Penn Station.
Every time I travel to NYC, I usually arrive at Grand Central so I was a little confused at first.
G had booked the trip so I just assumed we were coming out of Grand Central.
Nope! But we realized that we were literally under Madison Square Garden!
I told G that it would be super easy to come here for a concert because all we have to do is take the train down, walk out of Penn, wait in line, watch the concert, and walk back under Penn!
Easy Peasy :)

This is what our day looked like...
Look at the sun!
My friend told me that I was super crazy for going to NYC on Saturday (8/13) because we were under a heat advisory!
We had planned weeks ago to come on this day and had purchased the tickets.
It was SO hot!
The temperature was 96 degrees BUT the FEEL was 109 degrees!
Seriously, it was so darn hot! We were sweating like crazy!

Once we arrived in NYC, we walked to Times Square.
One of the things I wanted to do was go to the M&M store because I wanted COCONUT M&M's,
When we were in the city 3 years ago, this was the only place I could find them.
They ARE so stinking delicious.

M&M store!
We are looking on their HUGE wall of chocolate for the coconuts.
I didn't see them.
I asked an associate and THEY DISCONTINUED THEM!
My whole day was ruined.
I legit almost started crying and G was laughing at me.
He thought I was a fool.
So I purchased peanut M&M's because #whynot.

Fun Fact: Did you know there are 5 M&M stores in the world?
1. Las Vegas, Nevada 2. New York City 3. Orlando, Florida 4. London, England 5. Shanghai, China

We have been in the Las Vegas and NYC stores. G says we have a good chance visiting 4 out of the 5 stores. He has no interest in going to China, lol! 

We were planning on meeting our friends in the afternoon.
Around this time it was 11am and we were hungry!
We decided to go to Hard Rock Cafe for lunch.
It is one of my favorite places to eat in the city.
Well it turned out not to be so great.
I like their burgers and I noticed on the menu that they didn't have a basic burger.
All I wanted was a burger with tomato, pickle, ketchup, and mustard.
I asked the waiter if I could order that and he said that was fine.
Now, their other burgers were $17.95!
It has gotten super pricey there!
It use to be like $14 for a burger.
Usually, when you order something more basic, they discount the price.
Not here!
They charged me $17.95 for the burger and it was DISGUSTING!
It was so thick and soooooooo basic.
I couldn't even finish it.
G and I were so disappointed that we plan on not returning the next time we go to the city.

After lunch, we found a Jamba Juice!
My faveeeeeeeee!
I had a mango smoothie and it made me smile!
Then we met up with our friends, YAYYYYYYY!!!
FRIENDS!!!! :)

These pictures were taken later at night ;-)
We were so excited to see them! We hadn't seem them in about 2 months, maybe??
I am so fortunate that G has always liked my friends' significant others.
Every friend that I have had and we have met their boyfriend/girlfriend, he has always been able to get along with them which makes "double dates" easy! :)

Our friends had a few places for us to visit and we were more than happy to go exploring.
FYI: Times Square is NOT the only thing in NYC ;-)

My friend had asked if we have ever rode the subway.
I was like "ummm, yes I believe so."
The first time we have ever ridden a subway system was in Paris!
They call it the "Metro" and we became "Metro Pros" in two days when we were visiting Paris. It seriously made traveling so much easier!
Well the subway system in NYC is so confusing!
It is definitely similar to Paris but thank goodness my friend knew what she was doing because G and I were lost!

We got on the subway and walked to "The High Line."
To sum it up in my own words: The High Line was created around old rails in NYC. They let plants and what not grow over old rail road tracks. There is a nice pathway and plenty of spaces to sit and relax. They even have water fountains.

Fun Fact: This concept was inspired from Paris :) who had done something similiar in the 90s.  

On a cooler day, the High Line would have been on point.
There is some shade but not enough for a "109 degree" day!

One of the views! We wanted to jump in the Hudson!

The High Line
After this, we stopped at the market to pick up some cold beverages and sat outside to determine what we were going to do next.
Don't ask me why we sat outside when we should have sat inside the market.
Probably because we are cool kids :)

Our friends wanted to take us to the "The Strand" which is a huge book store!
Three levels of books - you can buy new, used, and rare books.
It was super cool!
Instead of taking the subway, we took an Uber.
We took all sorts of transportation while in the city.

The third floor - rare and used books.
 FYI: You can only access the third floor of the "The Strand" by elevator!

After visiting some books, it was time to get our dinner on.
We couldn't decide on a place to eat so we decided to wing it and just walk around until we found something.
We had to take the subway back to Times Square.

Fun Fact: The people in New York City call the subway "the train." This kept confusing the heck out of G and I. Just call it the subway :)

While we were trying to figure out a place to eat, we happened to see a place on a corner called "The Counter" where they had burgers and fries.
I wasn't too hungry and I definitely did not want a burger.
I ordered a "simple salad" and fried pickles.
Oh.M.GEE!!!!! The fried pickles were AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They were thick dill pickles and they served them with apricot sauce - SO SO SO GOOD!
The boys created their own burgers and were in absolute heaven!
The Counter was super good!
I did have a problem with my order but they fixed it quick and our waitress was super nice.
It was a little tight in there but it was great to try a new place!

Fave new restaurant!

After this, G and I had about 45 minutes until we needed to leave to catch the train.
The train, not the subway ;-)
My friend wanted dessert so we decided to wonder until we found something.
Well, they found Coldstone!
I was still so full from dinner, that I did not partake in dessert.
Plus, Coldstone upsets my stomach.

Sadly, it was time for us to leave.
We said goodbye and made promises to come spend a weekend with them and explore more of the city.
G and I went back to the train station.
Luckily, for us our train was on time.
We were sad that our awesome, hot day had come to an end but we were glad to be going home.
We needed to shower like no other and our feet had hurt from walking around all day.

The view on the way home :)
We were making pretty good time on the train.
We stopped at the Rhinecliff station around 9pm and we seemed to be sitting there for a really long time.
I thought that maybe a lot of people were getting off this station until an announcement was made...
A tree had fallen across the tracks - a LARGE tree - and we could not move until a crew came to remove it.
The people who worked on the train had no idea how long it would take us.
We were 45 minutes from being home!
TWO stops away!
I texted a few of my friends to tell them.
One of my friends lives 30 minutes away from Rhinecliff and offered to come pick us up.
At first, I felt bad because it would take him 30 minutes to come get us, than an hour to drive us to Albany, and then about 40 minutes to drive back to his house.
He bet me that the tree would be cleared up by 10:30pm and I said it would be cleared up by 11pm.
Well at 10:35pm, we were told that the clean up crew had NOT arrived and that it could take hours.
So I texted my friend and he came to pick G and I up.

It was suppose to take us 2 hours and 35 minutes to get back home!
It took us 6 hours!
G and I kept thanking my friend for coming to get us!
He was seriously a life saver.
G and I got home around 1:30AM and were beat.
We climbed into bed and were passed out.
I didn't wake up until 10am on Sunday!

G and I were super curious to find out what time the train had arrived at Albany.
It arrived at 4:36am!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank goodness my friend came and got us!
I texted him and thanked him again for coming to get us.
I am so thankful for good people in my life!!

We tried NOT to let the train incident dampen our day because we had a great time in HOT NYC with our friends!
We also remained positive and said what we were grateful for:
1. This happened coming home so we could see our friends!
2. The tree did not fall on us or anyone else.
3. It happened at a train station!
4. We were not stranded. We were in our home state only an hour or so from home.
5. If worse came to worse, we could have called our parents to come and get us.

You always have to stay positive :)
OVERALL, a great day!

Have you ever had a travel incident?
Do you like day trips or prefer overnight stays?

Keep Running Like a G!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday Miles! (x2, again!)

Hello! It seems like all I do around here is post about my working out!
For me - it is a good thing because as I said in my last post, I want to hold myself accountable.
For you - you may be sick of it, LOL!
I think I am going to do some posts about my trip to Paris, I think that would be really fun!
What do you think? :)

Here we go with Monday Miles...... :)
ALSO, I forgot to post this last week! I had it all set to go and needed to add photos and oops! Forgot to hit publish!
So here I am again, catching up on two weeks!

Monday, 8/1: SPIN
The instructor let me wear the heart rate monitor again but it died halfway through!
I was SO looking forward to beating my calories from last class!
I think I may have because I was working hard!

Tuesday, 8/2no work out

Wednesday, 8/3: 2.05 miles + 1 mile
I wanted to get up early to run but that didn't happen!
I had to go to school to meet a new team member and I was hoping to get the run in before school but I thought sleep sounded better.
I knew I had to run so I decided to run at 5pm.
It was warm out but doable.
I ran a similar route I ran last week but ran it in the opposite direction.
I knew there was a hill but the week before I ran down the hill, this time I ran up it AND WHOOO DOGGIE!!!! It was a tough one!
Also, my time was 10 seconds faster than last time!

Then my BFF came over and we ran a mile together - she really wants to run her first 5K!!
We did 30 seconds running, and 1 min 30 sec of walking.
It was a great way to equal 3 miles for the day :)

Thursday, 8/4: SPIN
Back at it for my early morning spin class!
My BFF went with me!

PS - Do you have to wash your hair after a workout if you are going to workout again in 12 hours? LOL! On Wed., we went running and I took a shower but didn't wash my hair because I knew I would be going to the 5:30AM spin class! Plus, the oils are good for your hair anyways ;-)

Friday, 8/5: SPIN

Saturday, 8/6: 3 miles
This run was HOT + HUMID!
I waited until 11am to get out and go running.
I should have gone sooner but I was in the groove of cleaning our apartment and didn't want to stop.
Even though the run was HOT HOT HOT, I was so happy to get outside.
I was also happy to accomplish 3 miles!
I only stopped twice - the first time was to check the mileage on my app.
I've been using the Nike+ app for running. For this run, I programmed my run for 3 miles.
I wasn't sure if it would tell me the halfway point. Since I was running on my favorite trail, I wanted to make sure that I knew when to turn around. When I had stopped to check my phone, it said 1.44 miles and at 1.5 miles it did tell me I was halfway :)
Then I stopped because my music stopped. I thought something was wrong with my phone.
But it was me! I accidentally hit the pause button.
My splits were 11:14, 11:07, 11:17.
I was very happy because I feel like I haven't had a 3 miler with constant splits in a long time!

Sunday, 8/7: no work out
Normally, I sign up to go spin on Sunday's but this time I really did not feel like it.
Plus, I had asked my dad to take me boating.
It was a fabulous day out on the water.
The water always resets my soul.
It was so awesome to spend some quality time with my dad and stepmom.
It was also great to swim in the lake!
I love swimming in big bodies of water.

The perfect day :)

Total Mileage: 5.05miles


Monday, 8/8: SPIN
I wore the heart rate monitor, again!
I beat my calories from two weeks ago so I was pretty stoked about that :)

Tuesday, 8/9no work out

Wednesday, 8/10no work out

Thursday, 8/11: SPIN
I cheated on my spin 5:30 am spin class with a 4:45pm spin class!
I had two days of training at school and I was so not feeling working out.
I had to really convince myself to go to spin.
I literally signed up at the last minute because I had no desire to go.
I went and it was okay.
Definitely not my best spin work out but I was glad I went.

Friday, 8/12:  no work out

Saturday, 8/6: no work out 

Sunday, 8/7: no work out

Thoughts: The week of 8/1 - 8/7 was really good for me. I felt like I was getting back into a groove.
This week? Uhhh, not so much! I had to go into school 4 times this week. One day was to sit down and plan with my new team and then 3 days of training followed by going into my classroom for an hour or so to continue setting up. Also, Mr. G and I went on a day trip (post on Wednesday!).

This is what I have been dreading all summer  - going back to school and not finding time to work out. My goal for the next 3 weeks is to focus on working out and finding a balance. I do NOT want the school year to go by and not work out. That pretty much happened last year and I REGRETTED so bad. This year I need to find time for myself! Lets do this!!!!

Current Running Tunes:

 Goals for Next Week:
1} Work out at least 4 times!

Keep Running Like a G!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Monday Miles (x 2)

Hello everybody!
I never posted my "Monday Miles" from last week!
Mr. G and I have been quite busy and with everything going on I just sort of forget to post.
Actually, I reminded myself to post and then I got caught up in cleaning and watching TV :)

I am going to catch myself up. I like to use these posts for accountability and to look back on in the future!

Monday, 7/18: SPIN
This was an awesome class!
My spin instructor let me use a heart rate monitor.
My spin studio has adopted a program where you can purchase heart rate monitors and it tracks your heart rate, calories, etc. It helps spinners see how hard they are working.
I never purchased one because I was on and off again with spin.
It depends on the season when I participate in spin.
Well, my instructor let me try it and I loved it! It was super cool to see my results!
Plus, this spin class was fun because I requested a song and she played it :)

Here is a snippet from my work out! I was so pissed that I missed the 600 calorie mark!

Tuesday, 7/19: no workout

Wednesday, 7/20: 3 miles! 
This workout was amazing!!!
I wanted to see how fast I could run 1 mile.
I know a lot of 1 mile loops in my town so I picked one that was pretty flat.
I honestly had no idea where my time would be. I was thinking in the 10 minute area.
Well, when my app told me 1 mile, I almost squealed!
It was hard but I kept pushing myself forward!

Then I got back to my front porch and completed the following work out.

inspired by @mamalaughlin on IG
The block around my house is .30 of a mile.
According to this work out, you are running the block 6 times.
I had previously done this work out back in May.
This time I changed some of the exercises due to lack of equipment.
Each time I ran around the block, I timed myself to see how fast/slow I was compared to the previous time.
The first run was 3 minutes and 8 seconds.
The sixth run was 2 minutes and 46 seconds!
22 seconds faster!!!!! BOOM! :)
I was so freakin' excited!!!!
It was definitely a hard but fun work out!
It mixed things!

Thursday, 7/21: SPIN
I woke up at 4am AGAIN for a 5:30am spin class! :)
I am surprised that I actually make it out of bed!

Friday, 7/22: no workout*

Saturday, 7/23: no workout*

Sunday, 7/24: no workout*

*did not work out due to something going on in our lives, I may or may not blog about it! Don't worry, it is all good stuff! :) 

Total Mileage: 3 miles
Sooooooo, last week I was a HUGE slacker!
I am not honestly not sure what got into me but I had no motivation to work out.
Luckily, my fire has come back so I am looking forward to next week's post! 

Monday, 7/25: no workout 

Tuesday, 7/126: no workout  

Wednesday, 7/27: no workout 

Thursday, 7/28: 2.05 miles
No spin this week!
The instructor for the 5:30am class was on vacation.
This person who subbed for her is someone I am not really interested in so it made it a lot easier to sleep in that day ;-)
But I tried a new route in a new town and it was awesome!
The only thing that I disliked was that I had to stop and walk because I was dealing with some minimal shin pain.
I wondered if it had been because I hadn't ran in a week. was definitely something I was thinking about on my run. 

Friday, 7/29: no workout

Saturday, 7/30: no workout

Sunday, 7/31: SPIN
*Happy Birthday Harry Potter!*
I went back to spin, after taking a week off and it was amazing! 

Total Mileage: 2.05 miles

Thoughts: Looking back at the past two weeks and I do need to step it up! I am glad I found my mojo, we shall see what this week brings!

Current Running Tunes:
1}Let It Go by James Bay
2} From the Ground Up by Dan + Shay

 Goals for Next Week:
1}Get back into working out!

What are you goals this week?

Keep Running Like a G!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Monday Miles (on a Tuesday!)

Hello! I didn't post this yesterday, oops!
It has been a busy week of dress shopping for weddings, setting up my classroom, appointments, etc.

Monday, 7/11: no work out

Tuesday, 7/12: 1 mile + Zumba
My niece spent the night on Monday night (she is 5 years old).
My sister and I over the past year have slowly been getting her into running.
I have bought her a few running outfits and she loves them!
She also works out with my sister from time to time.
I told her that we would go running on Tuesday morning.
She was so excited! She bought her "work out clothes" (that is what she calls them!).
That morning when we were getting ready I asked her how many miles she wanted to run. I said "5?"
She looks at me and goes "TEN!"
Okay, Ry, we will do 10 miles :)
We ended up doing only 1 mile but we also climbed the stairs in my town and she kicked butt! Her mile time is 16 minutes!!

She even wore a "Shopkin" bracelet that told us how fast we were going!
At one point we were going 80 miles an hour and we had been working out for 6 hours!
Gosh, I love her!!! :)
That night, my friend and I headed up north to attend my cousin's FIRST ZUMBA CLASS!
She recently got certified to teach Zumba.
It was such a fun class and I wish her the best!
If you live in upstate NY and want more information about her class, let me know!

Wednesday, 7/13: no workout

Thursday, 7/14: SPIN
I woke up at 4am AGAIN for a 5:30am spin class! :)
I love this class and the energy! I am definitely going to miss it in the fall!

Friday, 7/15: SPIN
Spin class with my fave instructor :)
I loved the music she played and I may have downloaded some of the tunes from that class when I got home!

Saturday, 7/16: 4 MILES!!!!!!!!
So last week, I had a goal of completing 4 miles.
When I did my Monday Miles last week, I realized I didn't run as much.
I woke up around 9 am on Saturday and just did not feel like running.
I knew I needed to run but I had no desire especially for 4 miles!
Mr. G told me that I should do it and would feel so much better, which I knew I would but the couch was super comfy ;-)
He left to go to the gym and I got ready to run.
I knew that I would be disappointed in myself if I didn't run.
I also knew that Mr. G would come home and ask me about my 4 miles.
I headed out and told myself "just run at a slow, steady pace."
This run was not about the pace.
It was about the distance.
I was so elated at the end because the route I took gave me 4 miles + some! I was able to stop at 4 miles and walk the rest of the route home to help myself cool down.
I texted Mr. G when I got home and I was like "I nailed it!"
It felt good to hold myself accountable but to report to him that I did it.
He is my #1 supporter :)

Soooo I've run a half marathon so far this month :)

4 miles done!!!

Sunday, 7/17: SPIN
I went to spin again :)
This week she started with a Nickelback song that just got me rolling!
Love this class!

Total Mileage: 5 miles


Thoughts: Looking back at this week and last week, I need to find a good balance between running and spinning. I love both types of work outs. Hopefully I will get more runs in this week.

Current Running Tunes:
1} Cowboy by Kidrock (I have been listening to this song since Friday!)
2} Feel So Good by Mase
3} Hello Friday by Flo Rida

 Goals for Next Week:
1} I really want to pick up the pace and do some speed workouts, if I want to get back to my previous paces, I "gotta put the work in!"

What are you goals this week?
What was your last long run?

Keep Running Like a G!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday Miles

Happy Monday Everyone!
I hope everyone is well and enjoyed their weekend!
As I was getting ready to write this post, I realized I didn't accomplish my goals from last week but I still have them in the back of my mind so it is all good :)

Monday, 7/4: SPIN
Back in May, my mom told me she was going to pay for a month of spin as a birthday present. #experiencesnotstuff
She asked which month I wanted and I told her July.
I signed up the night before.
It was amazing to be back in the "saddle" and I absolutely love the instructors at the studio I go to :)

Tuesday, 7/5no work out

Wednesday, 7/6: 3.01 miles 
This was run was great!
I did 1.5 miles of hills, .40 miles of stairs, and the remaining 1.1 miles were spent running :)
It was hot this day but we had a breeze so it felt pretty good.
I did have to stop and walk a few times to catch my breath.
I haven't done hills in FOREVER.
It was good to get back out there!

What I posted to my IG after my run :)

Thursday, 7/7: SPIN
I woke up at 4am for a 5:30am spin class!
Whooooo doggie!
It was an amazing class.
I had never attended this instructor's class before and I have to say I was hooked.
It was a circuit class. We did 20 minutes on the bike, 10-15 minutes of circuits, 20 minutes on the bike and and another 10-15 minutes of circuits.
The class was suppose to only be an hour long but we all stayed to finish our workout! It was awesome.

Friday, 7/8: no work out

Saturday, 7/9: SPIN
I liked the instructor so much from Thursday, I signed up for her 7:15 class!
I love her music because it is a mix of throwbacks and today's hits in remix form.
I was sweating like a pig when I left!
It also felt really good to get my work out done in the morning and enjoy my Saturday!

Sunday, 7/10: SPIN
I went to spin again :)
I love going on Sundays because my favorite instructor is there!
I absolutely love the energy in her class and she works just as hard as you do.
Her music is amazing and always ends her work outs with a sprint.
Yesterday, our last song was a Nickelback song!
And whooooooo, it got my legs spinning!

Total Mileage: 3.01miles


Thoughts: Sooooo.....totally did not realize until writing this post that I only ran once this week.
Oops! My goals this past week were to pick up the pace and run 4 miles. I am going to keep those as my goals because I really do want to run 4 miles. I am hoping to start increasing my mileage because I really really want to run another half marathon! I am hoping that by doing spin as cross training I will gain more fitness. We shall see how my plan goes :)

Current Running Tunes:
Same from last week except I may add some throwbacks thanks to my newest spin instructor :)

 Goals for Next Week:
1} Pick up the pace
2} Run 4 miles!

What are you goals this week?
What do you like to do for cross training?

Keep Running Like a G!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The End & The Beginning

As a first year teacher, the past 10 months have been super crazy!
But also super amazing.

It is a lot of work but work I am excited to do.
It was hard to schedule times for appointments and to hang out with family + friends.
You may be wondering..."really? You had to schedule time to hang out with your family and friends?"
Why, yes I did.

The work week was extremely hectic that I craved alone time on the weekends.
At first, I felt bad if someone asked to hang out, because I did not want to.
I sucked it up and went.
Usually, I felt a lot better.
But sometimes I worried about what I needed to do.
It was hard to find a balance.
In the end, I started to find a balance.

As soon as the bell ring for dismissal on Thursday, June 23rd - WHOO HOO!
All rules and schedules went out the window!
I was free to do whatever and everyone else in my life was as excited as I was!

The Last Weekend of June (or the end ;-)
Mr. G and I spent almost the entire weekend together because we hadn't seen each other.
(He was working overnights for a project.)
The first thing we did was go HIKING!
I have been craving a hike since probably April.
We wanted to hike a new to us mountain, so we headed up to Hadley Mountain.
My sister had hiked it a few weeks ago with my cousin (who carried a baby up and down the mountain!).
She loved it and it seemed reasonable. sucked! LOL!
The hike was steep. No leveling off, no gradual climb.
There was ONLY ONE flat area near the top but that was it.
I also wasn't truly impressed by the view.
Don't get me wrong, it was pretty and anytime I am on top of a mountain I relish in the beauty of the Earth.
I may be brainwashed by the beauty of the mountains north of us and their stunning views of the lake. :)
Coming down the mountain sucked as well.
Since it was all down hill, my knees and legs were killing me!
I kept praying for some sort of flat land and remembered there wasn't any ;-)
Overall, I am glad we got outside and experienced a new mountain!

Hubs + I

The Fire Tower was pretty cool!

We went swimming at my aunt's and I did not have to worry about papers or lesson plans!
I have had such a great time hanging out with my family.
We get super loud and crazy but the love is real. :)
It was a great day to have some pizza on the deck and swim in the cool water!

My sister + I swimming at my aunt's

I have no pictures from this amazing day but that is okay!
I chose "safe over sorry!"
My bestie and I went kayaking!!
I have had kayaking on my bucket list for YEARS!
I have no idea why I have waited so long to tackle this item on my list but I am so glad I did!
The humidity was suppose to be awful on Sunday so we headed out early to kayak.
We rented kayaks from a place around the corner of my dad's.
It was a beautiful morning!
My bestie taught me a few things and at the end I felt like a pro (far from it though!) :)
We had 3 hours and we had forgotten a waterproof watch so we just winged it.
Well, we came back with almost 1.5 hours left.
Oops! Now we know for next time.
My friend commented after we left that she was glad she went with me because we didn't have to talk the whole time, we could just be quiet and enjoy the beauty of lake.
And the lake is beautiful!!!!

The Beginning of July (or in my case summmmmmma!!!!)
I woke up ready to tackle my day but I had to be somewhat quiet because Mr. G was sleeping (thank goodness it was his last overnight week).
I puttered around the house until 11 when I woke him up.
We were going some wheres exciting!
I can't tell you much yet because I am waiting until the end of July to talk about.
We just need to make sure everything is official and goes according to plan!
I will say we were extremely excited the rest of the afternoon and evening!

We had this planned for a few weeks and I was so excited!
We were going to have some good food and great company.
We were planning on having an awesome pool day but the weather here in upstate NY was chilly!
Everyone jumped in the pool at some point even my brave niece!
I did not partake in swimming - 1. It was too cold. 2. I didn't feel the greatest.
It was great to hang out with everyone and just relax.

Sissy and I

I woke up feeling refreshed after about 12 hours of sleep!
Lately, I have either been - A. not able to fall asleep and only getting 4-5 hours of sleep or B. Sleeping for 12 hours ---- weird, I know!
Mr. G and I worked out (run for me, gym for him).
Then we decided we would picnic in the park.
It was a warm day with a wonderful breeze.
Downtown was popping because of July 4th and a huge concert weekend.
Luckily, we found a quiet space in the park to eat our lunch and just talk about life.
It was a great day to have with just him.
I feel like we haven't had enough alone time lately.
I also enjoyed having a laid back day :)
So peaceful.

Picnic in the park

It has been great to relax and find time for myself and family.
I can't wait to see what the rest of the summer will hold!

What have you been up to?
Any exciting weekend plans?

Keep Running Like a G!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Monday Miles

I am so excited to start up "Monday Miles" again! 
I had an amazing week of running and I am super proud of myself!

As I told you in my last post, I have had some problems with shin splints.
The pain was so bad I would have to stop my run and walk home.
I iced and stretched, it must be helping because this week I experienced NO PAIN! :)  

Monday, 6/27: no work out

Tuesday, 6/28: I ran 2.04 miles before school.
School ended on the 23rd but we are implementing a new program for our ELA block and we had to go to training on Monday and Tuesday.
I woke up at 5am to get my run in and I felt amazing!
I forgot how much I love early morning work outs.
I was also on Cloud 9 because I had no pain (the first since the 11th of June!) and I did not stop at all to stretch my legs out!

Wednesday, 6/29: 2.01 miles  
Again, I ran without stopping!
I had some minimal pain but nothing that I was extremely worried about.

Thursday, 6/30: no work out

Friday, 7/1: no work out

Saturday, 7/2: 2.08 miles
No pain again!
I also picked up the pace a little.
I haven't done that in a long time either.
I have been very basic while running because I was focusing on my shins.
I picked up the pace a little too much and I couldn't breathe so I did stop for a few seconds and walked to regain control of my breathing.

I did 2 miles in 23 minutes which was amazing!
It may seem like a long time to some people but with all the pain I have been dealing with since March this is just amazing to me!
I am slowly getting back to where I want to be :)

Sunday, 7/3: 3.01 miles
3 miles!!!!!!!
This is a long run for sure!
I haven't been able to run 3 miles in a long time (even though I did a 5K back in the beginning of June--post coming soon!) without pain and/or stopping.
I have been using the "Nike + Running" app on my phone.
I used the feature of "set distance" and I put in 3 miles.
The app said my estimated time would be around 35 minutes.
I honestly had doubts.
I was like "okay, more like 40 minutes."
I started my run and I felt really good!
My first mile was 11:17!
It is not where I use to be and I am okay with that.
I ran that mile with no pain and no stopping a quarter of a mile in!
2 miles later, the voice in my earbud was telling me that I completed 3 miles in 34 MINUTES!
I beat the estimated time and kept a pretty consistent pace!
The smile would not leave my face.
I was sooooooooooo happy to have ran 3 miles pain free and NO stopping!
HUGE accomplishments for me!

Total Mileage: 9.15 miles! YAY!


Thoughts: AMAZING! This has been a superb running week for me!

Current Running Tunes:

1} Really Really by Kevin Gates
2} Childs Pay by Drake
3} For Free by DJ Khaled ft. Drake
4} Welcome To The World by Kevin Rudolf (an oldie!)
5} Unfoolish by Ashanti (another oldie!) 
6} Chasing the Sky by the Empire Cast
7} Kiss It Better by Rihana
8} Never Forget You by Zara Larsson
9} Wild Things by Alessia Cara
10} Too Good by Drake

 Goals for Next Week:
1} Pick up the pace
2} Run 4 miles!

What are you goals this week?
Any tips on shin splints?

Keep Running Like a G!